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Winx Club

IMDB-Bewertung 6
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Nicolette Patton

I love this cartoon for its surprisingly good action. The more negative reviews here seem to be about the terribly mis-managed English localizations of the show. Apparently, the show was originally done in Italian until 2010, when Viacom/Nickelodeon started producing it. So for the earlier episodes (seasons 1-2), there are a few different, almost unprofessional-seeming dubs from random studios...and they censor/reduce all of the layered characters into the same dumb stereotypes. Yikes!

Avoid these 3rd-party dubs and watch either the Italian episodes or the newer Nickelodeon ones (both overseen by this show's creator, Iginio Straffi). It's a really fun watch and my favorite character is Timmy (Tecna's boyfriend).
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

I can't understand the negativity which is prevalent in these reviews...This show made up my entire childhood and I dare say, who I am today. And I can testify that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Everyone I know in real life who has watched this show thoroughly enjoyed it as much as I did! This show is all about friendship and romance as well as fun. It definitely showed me and my friends how to bond well when we were young. Without the show we wouldn't be as close as we are now. The characters have their own unique personalities. Stella kept me laughing in almost every episode. Bloom breaking down and deciding to leave shows how even the main leads have feelings and aren't perfect. The story is refreshing and tho some might argue its like sailor moon gone to Hogwarts, I beg to differ as I believe it has its own essence despite the similarities. I'm not saying that this show is perfect , it definitely has its flaws here and there (I do agree that they wear extremely skimpy outfits though I excuse that because its a cartoon and children need to be taught that too) but it is really refreshing as well as fun to watch. This show can be viewed by people of all ages and genders and enjoy it as well( I'm 18 rewatching this and I love it.) It seems as if most of the haters have decided to come leave their reviews but I can safely say this show is enjoyed by more people than the haters here so don't go by their reviews. Overall it isn't a stereotypical girly show( at least till season 4). I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to watch a fun show.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
I was curious about Winx Club when I first heard about it.It didn't show where I am so I did a little research.I didn't know what I was expecting so I decided to wait for it to premiere on tele.I was surprised in a good way.

Winx Club is about a girl named Bloom who discovers her magical powers while saving Stella,a fairy who has magic of the sun and moon.Stella suggests to bring Bloom to a school called Alfea where fairies learn to control their magic.There Bloom meets Flora,a fairy who's power is based on flowers,Musa,a fairy who's magic is based on music and Tecna,a fairy who's power is based on technology.Together they join to form the Winx Club to fight against Icy,Darcy and Stormy,three senior witches who go the Cloud school(forget name).Bloom also meets Brandon,the nicest warrior of them all who she falls for.At the school,Bloom's goal as a fairy is to discover her past and the origin of her powers.

I personally believe that Winx Club is a decent show.Most of it is unoriginal yet there are some plots that have magic of their own.Brandon and Prince Sky switching identities for security reasons and to see the world in different shoes was original.I believe the powers are also well thought of.There is one thing that disturbs me though.They make some of the girls too perfect.They're all super skinny and their fashions and battle outfits make them look like sluts.The fairies all make it seem like fashion,boys and good-looks are the most important thing all girls should worry about.Stella has the most powerful ring in the Magical Realm and it's a target of the witches to steal and she doesn't want to wear it because it doesn't match her outfit.In most hero/heroine shows,the writers would never do that.I really don't like Brandon,Prince Sky,Bloom and Stella.They just seem like the way all girls should act.The romantic pairings also fail to have any depth.Brandon is just made to be this macho,handsome prince charming and Bloom is made to be this little-miss-perfect supposed role model for young girls and they're both just paired off.The only pairing that interests me is Riven and Musa.Riven isn't Mr.Perfect and is distant around everyone yet Musa the deep and understanding girl seems to be drawn to him.I believe that the animation is superb and the characters all have good personalities but the episodes are usually about Bloom and her past,the witches trying to steal Stella's ring or cause havoc or about fashion and beauty.In total,I rate Winx Club a 5.5/10
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
---May be minorly spoilerish-- First of all, I'm a 33-year-old woman with no kids.

Second of all, I've become addicted to this show.

It's funny though, by all normal accounts, this would be the kind of show I usually shy away from. The characters are all stereotypes, it tends to paint a negative view of Wicca (then again, since it comes from a highly-Catholic country {Italy}, that would be expected), the art makes you want to shout "EAT SOMETHING!!!" to all the characters, even the guys of Red Fountain, and the Season 1 finale looks like it's starting to rip off the X-Men as Bloom goes all Phoenix-y on the 3 truly-evil witches (I won't spoil *how* she does it though).

Yet, I find myself strangely drawn to this show's mega-cuteness, watching both Fox's Saturday morning showings and Toon Net's weekday showings.

It's just simply a fun show, despite it's glaring flaws. It's the perfect show to just watch and forget about the state of the world. Just turn off your mind for a bit and go back to a simpler time where you'd just plop down in front of the TV Saturday mornings and take in the fun.

Remember what it was like to be a kid again.... :) After all, think of the stuff we used to watch on Saturdays as kids. If I really wanted realism in my cartoons, I'd dig into my anime stash. :) My rating: 7 out of 10
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
I've watched the show from episode one and I love it. It's not a mix of Harry Potter and Sailor Moon. Sailor Monn is a cry baby who manages to kick but with her back-up. Winx Club is a girl who with her girl-friends and the boys next-door, fight evil witches. Their is no leader of the group, and if their is its Stella more then Bloom, who is the main character.

Winx Club is the story of a girl, Bloom, who one day, while walking her rabbit, runs into a fairy, Stella, fighting a monster, Mr. Knut. She help Stella and after Stella offers to take Bloom to Alfea, a School for Faries, wear she can perfect her powers. Their she meets her 3 other roommates,Flora, Musa and Tecna, and they form the Winx Club. Together they fight 3 senior witches at the Cloud Tower School for Witches. They also get help for the Red Fountain boys at the Red Fountain School for Heroics and Bravery. They also aid Bloom in her search for her real parents, as she was adopted by her human parents her father is a fire fighter and her found her in a burning building).
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Gignac Sensenig

I generally didn't write reviews but for this show I just have to. It may be has it's flaws but it is a cherished memory from my childhood. This show made me believe in myself and that girls can be the powerful ones in a tv vs show ( in early 2000's which was not a common plot in a tv show let alone a cartoon). The general quality of the imaging was quite good too for it's time and the characters costume designs where just amazing as a child I couldn't wait for the next costume change. So I highly suggest for the new watchers to gave it a chance, please.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
This TV show is about a girl named Bloom who finds out that she has powers 1 day. She goes to the woods where she finds Princess Stella of Solaria. Stella is battling an ogre who is trying to take her scepter. Bloom helps her out, and Stella returns the favor (that's what I say) by asking Bloom if she would want to come to Alfea College. Bloom agrees. She also meets Flora, Techna, and Musa. But then trouble starts, three witches from Cloud Tower want Bloom's power. Icy, Stormy, and Darcy attempt to make Bloom's life miserable. But things get even worse when they take her power.And her crush Brandon is a prince and is in engagement with another princess.

People say this is a cross between sailor moon and harry potter. Except this is better than sailor moon, because sailor moon and the gang are almost always obsessed w/boys. In Winx Club they like boys, but don't fuss much about boys...
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Despite what some people might say, this is a cute show! I just started watching it yesterday when it premiered on Cartoon Network, and I have to say that it is interesting! It might be a little predictable, but I think that if you like magic and fantasy, you could probably like this show. The characters consist of Bloom, the main character from Earth, and her friends Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna, who are her roommates at Alfea. They keep running into Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, who are senior witches from the Cloud Tower school for witches. Bloom and Brandon (a guy from Red Fountain) like each other, I think (I just started watching this show) and well, it sounds kind of cool! I'm 15 years old and it might be a little juvenile, but I think that this show will be a fun show for anyone to watch.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Ulane Kakudji
Winx club is an example of how Imaginative a show can get. whoever created winx club, we all are happy for you.

Winx club tells the story of bloom, a girl who has powers she never knew about. until one day she accidentally uses them. she ends up going through a portal into alfea. when she's there, she begins to discover her winx, in other words, her powers. she also falls in love with a heroic boy, and fights evil stuff and witches.

this show is a good one. although some things are debatable. people mention lots of times about all the characters wearing skimpy outfits and being anorexic. but just because girls see this, doesn't mean they'll want to be as skinny as the girls on the show.

but it's worth it to watch it. my little sister has the first season on DVD. and like i said. it's like diving into a pool of champagne. overall, a good show.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Mikel Draughn

As it is plain to see that everyone hating this cartoon has just seen half of an episode while arguing with its little sister I think it is my duty in front of the thousands of girls and the boys that also like this to give my opinion.

When you jump over the barrier of the cheesiness that appear here and that on this show, such rose aesthetic, which shows its target audience: girls, there are well-constructed characters, even some of them really good ones, such the Trix, Faragonda, Grifin, Musa of Riven. Also the main plot is interesting and addictive, and among the huge number of subplots, some good ones and some bad ones, there were a few ones that were really extraordinary (Mirta and Lucy relationship during the seasons 1 to 3, with a sort of hidden lesbianism involved in it; the fact that the role of Cloud Tower witches would change gradually from season 1 to 2 and 3, evolving from very bad and wicked to become allies to the fairies, and showing them as a complex and ambiguous part of the magic world, neither pure evilness nor pure goodness; the way fairies reject and refuse to use cruelty and violence and only decide to hurt others when there is a very good reason for it; the sort of pacifism represented by Flora and her boyfriend Helia of even social criticism shown in some episodes: in Season 4 one of the Winx girls sees a beggar and says that that is a symptom of the Earth being unbalanced, unbalance which is the reason for them to be on Earth and which they are trying to fix, and so on).

Gradually I have come aware that Winx are just suggesting a world opposite to the one offered by the 99,9% of the cartoons, cult ones such "Adventure time" included (specially those cult ones, yes). "Adventure time" IS an AWFULLY sexist show. In it women are mere stereotypes. In Winx Club women act as they like, they fall in love and get upset with their boyfriends, fight and are smarter, stronger and braver than men. They really love their boyfriends and need them, but the most important thing for the girls is the link between them. They have extremely different personalities but all of them feel accepted and loved by the other Winx girls, and when one of them is close to death during fights and extremely dangerous missions and manage to survive the others get really happy and hug the survivor with more passion in it than that they use with their own boyfriends.

Finally with regard to that sensuality of the characters I think that it is conceived because Winx are meant to please different audience ranges. As I see it pastel colours, the extra big and expressive eyes, magical transformations, Kiko, the Pixies are meant to hook the little kids. In other hand the adventures, the battles and such are there to hook grown-up kids, including male ones. The battles and fights are, generally, well choreographed and sometimes with loads of imagination in them; they are all different; in each of them the leadership is different. Obviously in the decisive ones Bloom, the main character, the most powerful of all the Winx, is the stronger and ultimately invincible; in the rest either any of them can be responsible of the victories; there are also a lot of cases in which they just bite the dust, which is really amazing for a heroic show.

Love and social affairs are addressed to teenagers and, finally, the cleverness and refined cruelty of the evil characters, are there to please adult viewers that, as myself, have Winx Club as a guilty pleasure. And yes, the sexualized look of the girls, and of some of the situations (incredibly sexy bath scenes involving the girls but also some of the male characters; the somehow erotic tones of Flora's dreaming about her beloved and not yet boyfriend Helia) may be there to give the cartoon an appeal to adult audiences, not just men but also women of any age. In any case those supposedly adult scenes are handled with such elegance and humour that they really are harmless and gives the show parts of his all-family-show charm.

Well I have another interpretation of Winx girls being so sexy: those girls aren't but a translation of male superheroes classic aesthetic to female. I haven't heard any complaint of Superman, Spiderman and so on wearing that really tight uniforms. These heroes shows themselves to the world in the most possible nakedness (something near to nudity, but still with the existing moral limits), showing their virility (that uncensored big bulge in the middle of their legs... Well, I'm a woman, it intrigued me when I was a child), just as ancient Greek heroes did. Somehow Winx girls are a female translation to that tradition: they are women in all of that word extent, fearless and defiantly feminine. In their case femininity is their power and it would be senseless and ridiculous to disguise it or, as it happens to many other female heroines, to masculinize them, which would mean that women should always try and be as similar to men as possible and that the ideal of femininity is just to hide feminine features, which is simply monstrous and humiliating.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
I really like this cartoon, it is a break from reality which it was meant to be. I liked that the plot line, and fights had story line behind it, and that it went into the characters backgrounds/ family situations. Even though they were revealing outfits, where aren't girls portrayed that was, and bashing them because of that, your bashing every other cartoon not made in the dark ages. It's good that it shows girls that you can be this pretty thing, yet still be strong. In response to the other commit look at any girl in a cartoon no matter what age they are meant for and they look really hot, even if in reality things were different. Take Disney's Pocahontas for example, no way was she 13 in that movie, like she was in real life. No 13 year old looks like that, so what? Guys don't look real either, what guys do you know have muscles like that, and perfect hair? That's the whole point of a cartoon, to not be real people, and take you to a places where everything can be pretty, even ugly things. ~
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

I do have a child that watches this show and I watch it with her. She knows very well that it is merely a show! It isn't meant to be real and that the show is about "magical girls" that are really fairies.

The show is not an "anime ripoff" as it employs concepts that have been used through animation styles for decades. Over-sized eyes and small waists are NOT only genre specific to anime, nor have they ever been. And any person that claims as such hasn't done their homework.

The other commenter in this section has stated positive comments about "GI Joe" and "TMNT" and how they are "good shows for boys". I know that I don't encourage children to go around beating people up with weaponry and it might not be my cup of tea but to condone such activity and then trash a show that does NONE of this and write if off as "girls running around dressed like prostitutes" is going a bit far. Have a look at some of the of the other shows and idols that young girls look up to now days and by comparison Winx is a pinprick in the sea of things by comparison. These girls are animated characters that have magical powers. This is NOT a new concept. It has been done over and over again with skimpier clothing and thinner girls. The only true controversy seems to be from these "men" who act more like little boys who think that the show is "terrible" because girls like it.

It is a decent show for girls. I would much rather see girl saving the world than to see them arguing for 30 minutes on television as to what outfit they are going to wear that night. Give them some substance and the male audience can't stand it. It all comes down to them feeling that their ego is threatened. More power to you girls. I look forward to a fourth season.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

I am a guy who pays attention to a good story. And the creators are very good at what they do. They import many neat sequences and story with fairies.i watched it when it appeared on 4kids TV and I actually enjoyed it. The nick one isn't that bad either. It is focused more for girls but the story in all seasons are so neat. The creators are creative and went on to make another cool TV show. They make the characters like the fairies and specialists attachable. Thereare common teen elements throughout that; are real life situations. The editors and writer's make you care for them which is extremely hard to do. I know this is strange but watching a season of winx was like watching a season of 24. Every episode is consecutive n continuous. Not a lot of shows have that. This one is special. As I said the story is well crafted and smart. And this is definitely a good watch.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

I personally love the show's animation style. Its unique, not anime, but not a cheap style either (I dislike anime). I like how each character has their own personality and unique 'life' stories, it makes them more enjoyable (although I personally think Layla and Bloom are boring.)

The problem is, I think people really need to see the Italian original version to really see how enjoyable it is. The American version clips scenes for commercials and also has bad dubs most of the time... I know if I had to pick my favorite season, it'd by far be season 1, which seemed to be leaning towards teens/older kids then season 3 does (plus, the ending for season 3 was not what I was expecting at all).

Its kind of obvious that boys won't like this show, duh, its a girl-targeted show, one of the few out there. I read that some were complaining about the characters looking as if they had eating disorders...true, they're unrealistically skinny, but the thing is, the show isn't supposed to be reality, they're in magical realms and have magic powers...(they do have some scenes where they're eating pizza, cookies, and such.)
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Diamante Hagley

While the girls may not be drawn the best, they are NOT anorexic in anyway. In fact, there is a big foodie in the group. Still, the show is very entertaining.

This show's best seasons (in my opinion) are 2 and 4 so I recommend you watch them. In fact, I recommend this show in general. I don't understand why it receives so much hatred- it has good messages, good action and is quite enjoyable.

The only downside is that I dislike Bloom- yet I still think this show deserves a 10/10 I recommend this show for people who like shows about heroes and people who like fantasy shows!
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Franklin Kiddy

It use to be such a cute show.i was interested in it. But then, it just kept going on and on . you know how total drama island kept going on with the new islands and seasons? It was annoying and people barley watched it anymore, but it got good when they finally ended it. winx club just kept going on. Idk how many seasons, but every season had the typical, love interest, some evil great threat(s), something goes wrong or gets stolen, (one unimportant character dies), winx save the day. Oh I and I cant forget the god damn new power they earn every season. Winx, charminx, believex, random words with x added on. The transformations took to long , which ended the episode in a to be continued. but idk what year, but they just kept putting new episodes on Sundays. I didn't know, nickelodeon never alerted that there would be new episodes.. No one expected it because they thought the series was finally over. NO. I check back a week or 2 and there are no more new episodes. Its done, no more to be seen. I don't even think that show finished, but I don't care. No one did.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Brelje Kann
Okay, I don't give a care WHO u r, you have to like this show. I'm 17 years old, and I watch it every chance I get. Which isn't very often now.

I have 2 copies of the Winx Club magazine from here in the Philippines, I bought them without a second thought (except for 'Will I have enough money to get home??') My favorite episode has to be when the Winx Club thought Prof. Avalon was evil, and they wanted to kill him. I think it was Prof. Farigonda who told them that the prophecy was a hoax! He he he...Not to mention the new specialist guy is hot for a cartoon character!
Datum der Überprüfung 02/21/2020
Selfridge Mory

This show right here was my jam...IS my jam!!! It is such an amazing show that has brought me so much happiness and joy during my childhood. I hope that those of you who watch this show enjoy it as much as I do.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/21/2020

Winx Club is actually a decent show, certainly not a great one, but it is addictive. The animation is not bad at all, considering it was made in Italy, and the characters are at least likable. Bloom and her friends are certainly very attractive in terms of looks. The villains are good too, and on the whole the voice acting is more than decent. It is true, that some of the dialogue is lame at times, one or two of the characters are a little stereotypical, and the plot lines a tad over familiar. But the show does have a catchy theme tune, that is well written and not at all irrelevant. On the whole, despite its flaws, Winx Club, and this is coming from a 17 year old, is at least watchable. 7/10 Bethany Cox
Datum der Überprüfung 02/21/2020

It is a colorful cross between Sailor Moon and Harry Potter. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with that. Some people complain about it being a ripoff of Sailor Moon, but Magical Girls are the prototypical super heroines in Japan just as Super Man is the prototype super hero in America. In other words, if someone says "super hero," a man in a red cape who flies tends to come to mind. Likewise, if you say Magical Girl, certain traits come to mind.

It's not the most original series, but as time accumulates history, it gets harder and harder to make up something truly original.

As for their "anorexic" figures, they are not unprecedented. For half a century, people have complained about Barbie. Cartoons and dolls are only abstractions of the human form. Mattel tried to make Barbie "normal," and then suddenly MGA Entertainment makes Bratz, and kids start wanting Bratz dollz like crazy. People seem to want the abstract; accentuating the hair, lips, hips, and sparkling eyes. Barbie never made me feel anorexic, however when I saw other girls with flat tummies, human girls - not dolls or cartoons, I felt insecure. Therefore, Winx and the like will not make girls anorexic; they're just cartoons - abstractions of the human form.

Overall, this is a fun show for a wide range of youths. Each character has a special, magical talent. In addition, each character has problems to overcome. Each fairy has a pixie friend (Chibi) who also possesses special powers. Another reason why I like this show is because the fairies are racially diverse. Leyla of course is of African descent, Flora is Asian, and Techna is British.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/22/2020
Horodko Villacana

I've been absolutely addicted to Winx Club since the day I first saw it on Nickelodeon. Ok, I'm 28, but so what? It is SUCH a relief to have a girl-led show that has action and adventure instead of just cutesy fluff. You know those kinds of "girl" shows, where there are no stakes and everything's sunshiney and happy? Well, Winx Club is the opposite of that, guys. There are menacing villains, like Valtor and the Wizards of the Black Circle. There are a lot of Nick stars who do the voices, too: Liz Gillies (aka Jade on Victorious) does the voice of Bloom's sister Daphne, and Ariana Grande (aka Cat on Victorious) does the voice of Diaspro. One thing to know is that every season has its own story, so you should try to watch the episodes in order, to understand what's going on.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/22/2020

This is an awesome fantasy series (my favorite genre) about a group of teenage fairies, their adventures in the world of Magix and also in their fairy school Alfea. Also I'm into fairies, witches, etc.

I'd first watched it when it premiere on North American TV (I'm from Canada) and after that I love it. But I was shocked, surprised and flabbergasted by the negativity I heard on Keyframe, I mean it's all the matter of point of view you know. I also would like to point out that this show is my first glimpse at Italian animation, as this show was originally made in Italy. My favorite Winx girls are: Bloom: Fairy of The Dragon Fire, Princess Stella: Fairy of The Sun &; Moon, Tecna: Fairy of Technology (love her accent), and... Princess Layla: Fairy of Water/Fluids.

So anyway, I really love this series.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/22/2020
Autry Cutino

It was one of those early Saturday mornings in September 2004. I flipped through channels and discovered a show where people looked and acted freakishly like people I know. I was hooked.

And that's what's kept me hooked throughout the whole series. The plot is interesting and I have a lot of fun with the show, but what really stand out (to me) is the character's personalities. They are so real that it seems like real people just got animated and magical.

Of course, the setting isn't realistic. That makes things a lot more interesting, but also, it's really neat to think that even though these characters do impossible things and more than one are fairy princesses, they're just like you and me and him and her and that misunderstood person over there.

Und jetzt geniessen Sie es!
Datum der Überprüfung 02/22/2020
Jany Tulk

See, this is what most people don't understand about this show. It's not American by any means, yet it's been so Americanized to fit this identity that it does NOT fit whatsoever.

Okay, This is a 4Kids show, and therefore it has been given the 4Kids treatment. Everything is heavily edited, they cut out important plot summaries of the show, and they turned the girls into idiots. Basically, they figured that since the girls are wearing somewhat slutty outfits by American standards, they could turn the girls into Bratz Dolls and make money off of it. This is why the American version is the suckageness.

They didn't even have to make a brand new dub, as Rainbow, the company that produces Winx Club in Italy, made a completely different English dub, with all of the character personalities, plots and subplots, and all important scenes and better dialog left intact as it was meant to be. This dub is much better than 4Kids, but since it's on the Italian DVDs, no one really has seen it much here in the US.

What people also need to realize is that even though the girls are wearing skimpy outfits by American standards, is that this is an Italian show, and the girls over there are skinner than over here, therefore, these girls were made to display the normal Italian teenager, and since this is Europe, they are more laxed with their standards. These girls are not sluts in any way, shape or form. They are only that because of what 4Kids made them to be. And even though it's a kids TV show there as well, it is much more wholesome for children when it is left intact as Italy intended.

Personally, if I were a parent, I would NEVER let my daughter watch the 4Kids version. If she ever wanted to see it, I would give her DVDs and have her learn some form of Italian in the process. She'd also never own a Bratz Doll, and would dress like a little girl until I feel she is old enough to decide who she is and make decisions for herself. Yes, this is basically Sailor Moon at Hogwarts, but if you watch the original version, it's actually a damn good show.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/23/2020
Albie Rombough

I've seen an episode of Winx and from the first time I watched it, I was hooked on it! It may have borrowed some traits from Japanese Magical Girl anime genre cartoons, but it's still a good show.

It's about a girl named Bloom, who, while in the park one day, accidentally gets involved in a fight between an ogre named Knut and a fairy named Stella. It was then when Bloom realized that she had powers. Stella then invited Bloom to attend Alfea School for Fairies, where aspiring fairies go and train how to use their powers. When Bloom gets there, she meets 3 other fairies staying in the same dormitory as her and Stella, and together they formed the Winx Club, with Bloom as the leader. Together they fight the 3 senior witches of Cloud Tower, Icy, Darcy and Stormy, otherwise known as the Trix, who want to take over the universe with the power of the Dragon's Flame, and they suspect that one of the Winx girls has it.

Many people say that the Winx girls look anorexic and that it sets a bad example for girls. And that Stella loving fashion, boys and shopping and hates studying is another bad example. But I don't think that's the message the producers are trying to send. I recently read that Winx Club is targeted at tweens to prepare them for teenagehood.

Winx Club is a gripping show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Sometimes the Winx girls lose. But that makes the show even more interesting. Otherwise it won't be fun to see them win all the time, and eventually people get bored of the show. That way when something bad happens, you don't know which side is going to win or lose. It's unpredictable.

Winx Club is a great show for fantasy, adventure, action and Magical Girl anime genre fans. But those genres are the main ones. It's great for anyone who likes all sorts of cartoons.

*Note: I am referring to the original version of Winx, not the crappy 4kids version, which gives Winx a bad impression.*

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