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Honig (2003)

Originaler Titel: Honey
IMDB-Bewertung 5.3
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Anatole Byrer

I thought it was a great movie with a good storyline about a girl with a dream of making it big, helping out those who can't have that life. Yes, a little predictable at times, but the thought was there. The movie faced a lot of issues, from drug use and dealing to just generally believing in your dreams and no movie is complete without the fairytale love story. The dancing was awesome and Jessica Alba was amazing as Honey Daniels. People will give up their dreams if things don't turn out the way they wanted them to, but Honey stuck by hers and accomplished something she'd always wanted to. I think she is an inspiration for many.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

* out of **** stars

Yeah, yeah we've seen this before over and over. Small time dancer looking to make it to the big time breaks into the big time through luck of chance and communicates with kids through dance, while her parents hate what she does urging she get into another more distinguished profession, she begins breaking it big time, cue cameos from hip hop stars, and becomes a little too big for her friends, falls in love with the guy from the hood but is torn between her career and her man, la di da, and while I really wanted to like this movie, simply for its appeal and the first twenty minutes which really had me amped, this is pretty badly done.

The film, which is a retread of so many films with the same story and themes along with plot elements that are badly recycled from movies like "Dirty Dancing", "Saturday Night Fever", and I swear to god "Sister Act", has nothing new to offer. So we have Honey Daniels (Marie was taken), who loves to dance, the girl loves it and she teaches dancing at the local community center during the day, whether for pay or free it's never indicated, but she works at the bar at night, where does the chick get her energy? And where can I buy it? And, by luck of fate, is recruited by a video director after winning in a dancing duel (is there any other?) with a rival dancer and begins her career in the music video industry.

Now it's never indicated if she plans on being a dancer, a video dancer or just a teacher, but she has the best of intentions! The really hot neighborhood girl with a heart of gold, don't ya just love them? And we're never sure if the boys hang around her to dance, because she's nice, or if because they're trying to catch a peek at the good. And she begins to get more famous in the video industry with her skills choreographing dancers and becoming a hit in the industry.

Now the plot resolution is a bit thin and very jumbled here with a story that goes everywhere including a romance with the local barber whose badly set up with no back story and they get involved with one another. The problem is there's no conflict between Alba and Pfeiffer's character and their romance, there's no obstacles or chemistry so their relationship and focus of, is just boring, so inevitably Pfeiffer has no reason to be here other than as a plot device.

Then we witness a lot of sub plots involving the neighborhood kids including Lil Romeo who plays a local kid on the way to juvie with a life of crime, and we witness Honey get into the life of a music star directing videos, and of course canoodling with "famous" hip hop stars like Ginuwine and Tweet, and she experiences the same conflicts you'd expect like facing off against obligatory villains, and, suddenly out of the ballpark, comes this odd sub-plot where she conveniently stumbles onto an abandoned gym for sale and wants to raise money to teach and have the kids get off the streets and on the dance floor, but she doesn't have it, so she makes a bargain with the bank to give her thirty days to raise the money. Why thirty days? You naive fool, to stretch out the movie.

So, we have a plot development in the second half that should have been the focus of the entire film (raising the money for the center) while we tread through really bad sub plots and under-developed characters including her mother who has no emphasis and wants her daughter "to see everything in the world". Considering they're a low class family, it's pretty impossible to travel around the world, and we never know if the mother pressures her daughter because she's an overbearing witch, or because she wants the best for her daughter. Some mothers would accept a really fine, really beautiful, smart, talented and popular dancer whose good with kids, but, parents, you just can't please them sometimes.

So, Honey decides to raise the money for her kids and with a lot of plot holes including one big one involving Lil Romeo's character committing a crime, a lot of cheesy elements like a running gag with musician Missy Elliot searching for Honey to have her in her video which wore thin really quickly with Missy's over acting, not to mention there are the always lovable villains of the story which aren't needed but they're there to get the plot moving.

Poor Jessica Alba is so far - fetched in her ghetto fabulous get up and horrible slang she delivers in every other word and her delivery just wasn't believable and it's hard to swallow her as a girl from the Bronx while her character is oddly drawn to the local neighborhood kids who are really annoying, there's even a really badly done scene in the barbershop where Honey meets Chaz played by Pfeiffer. So after the dumb hokey climax that really didn't make a lot of sense, and closing credits that really didn't register, we realize we've wasted a valuable amount of our time, only to catch a glimpse of Jessica Alba in a leotard. It's why I watched.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Moyers Arya

This is a beautiful little movie that just fun to watch. Okay it's full of clichés, predictable in some places, the dialogs are funky sometimes.

Aber wen interessiert das schon?

If you have nothing to do on a saturday night and your boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped you this movie will get you right up! You've got good vibes coming from all over this movie.

The dancing scenes are really tight, the casting has been done beautifully especially casting Jessica Alba. God she likes shines of the screen.

Go and see this movie, it's fun...

Oh but there is one thing that I kept noticing. And that was that the movie resembles "Glitter" in so many ways. I see that the scriptwriter Kate Lanier worked on both projects.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

Poor Jessica Alba, her movie career is not starting off good with this extremely long music video. Jessica Alba's TV series Dark Angel was canceled last year and Jessica has now begun her career as a movie actress. Will she make it? Well we will see. I think as long as she doesn't have any more movies like this, she should be fine. I'm sure by now everyone is wondering why this movie is so bad. Well continue reading to find out.

As I walked into the theater tonight to watch Honey, I had a bad feeling about it. I like Jessica Alba, she is very attractive and played her role as Max on Dark Angel very well but to me this movie did not look very good. I had a free ticket for the movies, so I figured what the hell. So I sat down and watched the movie. Honey is about a girl named Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba) who works in a club at night and the center (centa as they say in the movie) during the day. All her friends think she has the `moves' to become the world's hottest dancer. Honey is supposed to be poor and live in section 8 but she looks to well dressed and happy to be living in section 8. But that's not important to the filmmakers. Well to continue on, Honey then one day gets a visit from record manager Michael Ellis (David Moscow) at the club, who discovered her because he has spies, who visit the clubs and videotape girls dancing so that he can discover new talent. Honey does not believe who he is at first and then of coarse realizes he is a big manager in the hip-hop industry. Honey then becomes a mainstream superstar, and forgets about her friends and blah blah blah, we already seen this before. The funniest thing to me is this, the movie all of a sudden tries to be a family film by showing street kids, selling drugs and Honey trying to make them discover that their better than that and should all be dancers. The movie gets worse as it goes along and it tries to become way to serious and family oriented. It's final moments remind me of something out of sister act and it is really bad.

As for the acting, well Jessica Alba tries; I guess I can give her that. It's a bad script, she tried to make it work and show she has some talent, but her character had way too much `slang' dialog, which to me made it really bad. David Moscow, who played Duncan on my favorite TV show Zoe, Duncan, Jack B artist cameos including Missy Elliott, Tweet, Shawn Desman, Ginuwine, Jasakiss R R&;B fans in the world but sadly I don't fit into this category.

The script was horrible. The dialog was like something a five year old would write. The script was like Glitter except they realized it was like Glitter half way through which is why the second half of the film was all about getting kids off the street and moving them into the dance studio. It's part Glitter part Ghetto Oliver and ends with sister act. It's really sad how the writer wrote this screenplay and didn't realize how bad it was.

As for the director Billie Woodruff, who is a music video director should stick to the music videos. I guess he was trying to make a hour and 45 min music video but why go pay $5 to $10 bucks to see a music video when we can watch MTV at home for free.

So in conclusion, Honey is a total waste of time. If you're a fan of hip-hop B or club dancing then maybe you will like Honey but for anyone who isn't into that music or dancing then this movie offers nothing. It's a very confused movie that never knows its target audience and has one of the worst scripts I have ever seen made into a movie. My final rating for Honey is a 2/10.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
I just came back from a screening of Honey. What a GOD AWFUL film this is...

It is WAS better than I expected, but not by much.

If you're fans of the rap stars appearing in the movie, your only going to see them grunt out a line or two, if that much. Being that I hate most Hip Hop, I didn't know who the hell most of them are. I still don't. They have no character what so ever and could have been CG'ed into the film. The only one I knew was Missy Elliot and she come off like some kind of hip hop clown girl. If I were her I would be beating the crap out my agent for getting me involved in this thing. All the other rappers at least seem "normal" for rappers. They literally just lend their face. To spite what street cres' they might bring, they could have been played by any wanna-be. Fans of the artist will be left uttering two words. "That's It?"

If you're interested in Alba's hot dance moves, just watch the commercials. That's pretty much all of them. I was an am still a huge fan of Dark Angel, and I love Jess as much as I can love any woman I don't actually know. BUT... Her acting isn't there. She doesn't have the emotional commitment she had playing Jessica Simpson on Mad TV. Honey, the character, comes of looking like a good hearted ditz. As an authentic Bronxite I can assure you there is no such thing as "Honey". Living here give you, if nothing else, a strong survival instinct.

Mekhi Phifer wanders through the film with his "Hey, Cool Aid!" smile. There is ZERO chemistry between him an Alba.

Lil' Romeo could team up with Jake Lloyd and do "Attack of the Cardboard Cutouts." Boy should stick to music because every line out his mouth sounds like some one claiming they didn't fart, when we all know they did.

David Moscow plays the villain and is the only person in the whole film that shows a realistic emotion. Even he's victimized by the script. After being a semi-likable sleazy music video director, he turns into complete asshole when "Honey" slaps him after a drunken, unwanted advance. He's still got the best acting in the film.

Joy Bryant is probably the most interesting new faces in the film, although the script has her as some street hood bitch pulling an "Original Cindy" best friend role to Alba. She's one to watch however.

The real dreadful part is the music. I don't mean the Hip Hop either. The Hip Hop was actually survivable, and I don't like that musical style. No I'm talking about the original music between scenes. It's like the worst buy-out music from a bad 80's TV movie. It's so bad me and my friends couldn't avoid laughing at it. It's like it was cut in from some other film and totally blows the continuity of style with the film. I can't believe any one but Al Smithe took credit for that.

The real problem is the script. Sitting at the restaurant talking after, we came up with no less than 30 plot devices that could have made this a kick ass film. But the writer avoids drama like the plague, instead pounding us with the same god awful cliché's we've seen on every TV drama we've for the last 30 years. The story is SO one dimensional it's almost delusional. The dialog is painful listen to. I don't know why they let writers who perpetrate these horrors... HAVE FINGURES! The is THE worst example of screenplay work I've ever seen. Drama, is always about conflict. The conflicts in this movie are unbelievable. Not in the over the top way, I mean they just don't hold true.

Billy Woodruff's direction is visually unimaginative, but competent. There are some scenes where a particular camera move almost gave some feeling. He might be good for doing music video's but he need WAY more practice to do feature films. Of course, given the written material he was shackled with, it could be said he pulled off a miracle in directing.

I thought this film would be a bunch of thugged out fools delivering 'tude to show how "hype" they are.

I didn't even get THAT! It would have been more interesting if it was filmed as a Mockumentary on video, and it sure would have been cheaper.

The movie lacks anything even close to a soul with character's so massively undeveloped that you end up not caring enough to even dislike them.

If you MUST see Jessica, hey, it's your money. Otherwise, wait for this to be an afternoon special on free TV.

I give it 1.5 out 10 stars.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

This was a very good movie. My favorite part was when Honey's friend snatched out Trina's hair at the beginning of the movie. Now that was funny! Honey is just a typical girl in the music world that wants to make it in the future as a video girl. Not just any video girl, but a dancer. There were many obstacles that approached her, but she don't let it hinder her from making it. She takes it as a lesson learned. She later becomes a choreographer and makes it big. People like Missy Elliott wanted her to organize dance routines for her. Her own mother does not like what she does. But she does her thing for the children in her community, so that they would not grow up, waking up, looking forward for the bad things in life. She is a life saver to some, like Lil' Romeo and his little brother. Through it all, she becomes successful no matter was brought in her way. She became her own woman.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Sama Shanker

If you're familiar with any of the following "cute, feel good" 1980's movies/TV shows and like them... Footloose, Flashdance, and similar to TV show... Fame... you'll like this movie. It's like an updated version with rap music &; dance moves. The best thing it has going is that Jessica's beautiful. She has a great smile and sexy body and all, but there's little to be desired in her acting ability, at least in this movie or for that matter any of them -- they all seem like they're reading their scripts word for word without any feeling. Additionally, if you like the "cute, feel good" stuff from the 80's then, here's some great feel good quotes... Gina says to Honey "Trust and believe in yourself, like I do." And Chaz tells Honey "You get hired because you've got drive, talent, and love for what you do - that's a gift from God."
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

I stumbled on this while channel-surfing and was pleasantly surprised. Many positive messages tucked in to an appealing story acted out by a surpassingly attractive cast: Be true to yourself; follow your dream (but don't sell out); love your neighbor, stay loyal to your friends, your family, and your 'hood. It reminded me of when I saw Krush Groove as a teen and it gave me a window into a whole other world. Except now hip hop is the dominant pop culture and not exotic anymore. But we still rarely get to see positive characters of color with their emotional depth fully explored. Lil Romeo gives an especially nuanced performance.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Porte Sanzotta
This movie, if the director had cut out all of the acting and concentrated on 90 minutes of music videos, it would be immensley more entertaining. Ms. Alba was at the screening I attended and admitted she did not know how to dance prior to being signed for the movie. This was very evident in the movie when she was surrounded by actual dancers. The plot was extremely contrived and is full of ethnic stereotypes. From the evil Black drug dealer to the rich White yuppie drug buyer. Interestingly enough, Ms. Alba's Hispanic roots are completely ignored, perhaps to escape any comparison to Jennifer Lopes as she repeatedly stumbles over the ethnic slang that predominates the dialog. The screen play could have used a little bit more humor to counter balance the sometimes dark subject matter. The ending made little sense and reminded me of a scene from "The Brady Bunch" as they had to put on the 'Big Show' to raise money.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

I don't understand all the hate for Jessica Alba, and the hate for this film. Mostly, any film with her in it besides Sin City get a bad rep and she has won and been nominated for quite a few Razzies over the years, including the performance for this film. I, personally, find that overly inane and uncalled for. Anyway, on to the movie itself. Honey is a film that you just can't take seriously. It contains lots of bad dialogue, not that great of choreography in certain parts, per se, and quite a bit of the characters just fill up the time. Besides all that, I find myself having such a good heart-felt time with it, every time I watch it.

Honey is a feel good pleasure driver. It's about showing that dreams can come true for all sorts of people, and there are so many scenes that put a smile on my face because of just how true to having fun it is. Unlike others, that I stated earlier, I thought Jessica Alba surpassed in her performance as Honey. She's sweet, she's sexy and she is the only truly likable character, but there is enough presence there for you to love her entirely, and I do. She hits dance moves that aren't that difficult to where they look like she has practice them for weeks. She's selfless, and Jessica Alba has more of a way of acting with her face and body rather than she does her voice and line delivery; that of course works perfectly for this movie.

I don't honestly find many faults with this movie, aside from the dialogue and how all the characters are just kind of there. I find the story very warming and endearing, and the upsides of this movie outweigh the bad for me honestly, by far. Like I said, it's a blast from beginning to end. Great songs, nice cameos; if Missy Elliott's 10 minutes of the screen don't put a smile on your face I don't know what will, and I root for Honey, all the way through. I want this woman to succeed, I want her goals and dreams to be accomplished, and if Jessica Alba can do that for her character and for me, this film has acquired it's main goal, of entertaining with a likable lead. To each their own, I love Honey.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Thury Lacharite

I don't dislike this movie for any moral or philosophical reasons, I just think it was a lame, boring movie. I can't think of a more mindless subject to write a movie about then becoming a rap video dancer. Both the entire plot and script were just corny and stupid. There was absolutely nothing interesting or intriguing about this movie whatsoever.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Padget Loncaric
Any comparisons between "Honey" and "Glitter" are probably due to both movies having script-work by Kate Lanier (who, funnily enough, isn't listed on the completed movie)... and, of course, to their having slightly similar plots. Except that "Glitter" is likely to be more of a black mark on Mariah Carey's book than "Honey" is on Jessica Alba's.

This movie about a kind-hearted young woman in New York who uses dancing to help the people in her neighbourhood (the people that she meets when she's walking down the street... sorry, couldn't resist) and who's plucked from a nightclub to become the Paula Abdul of the 21st century - she even has a little mole on her face - is aptly named; it's as sweet-natured as its title character and has little if any benefit on your system, except to slip down nice and easy and leave not very much behind. It's filled with all the realism you'd expect from the producer of "Legally Blonde" and "Josie and the Pussycats," but it's not quite as much fun as either. Part of it is a personal thing (the Rodney Jerkins-executive produced music that permeates the movie isn't my thing, rhythmic though it is), but the thin, originality-challenged scripting and silly dialogue are more of a problem; when our bartender-by-night/dance-teacher-by-day heroine tells a kid "Your flava's hot" it's a little embarrassing, although in fairness "Honey"'s street talk doesn't make you wince as much as some other examples of this kind of thing.

To be honest, the movie pretty much goes in one ear and out the other; there's not a single truly dramatic moment, with the setbacks coming on cue (when Li'l Romeo's character gets arrested it, and many other moments in the movie, plays like a less-than-brilliant After School Special) and the characters are right out of Cliches Central, from the almost saintly title character to the sexually predatory rival dancer. (And note to the filmmakers: as anyone who's ever watched MTV, VH-1 et al will confirm, music videos don't credit the choreographer on screen... regardless of what the one that plays next to the movie's end credits might say.)

But it's impossible to really hate "Honey"; the movie's too harmless and good-tempered for anyone to get into a hissyfit over its drawbacks, and though the R and though it doesn't actually seem to have anything like a narrative drive (it just seems to end instead of climax), there have been worse movies from music video directors, e.g. almost anything directed by Russell Mulcahy.

Oh yes, Jessica. She doesn't quite seem like the streetwise type, but she isn't supposed to be; she looks the part and comes off reasonably well, as well as having the edge over Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance" in that she actually does most of her own dancing. This isn't really the best vehicle for her, to be honest, but Jessica's an undeniable charmer on screen, and far too sexy for this or anything she's been in (with the arguable exception of "Paranoid") to be an unbearable experience. All she has to do is improve her choice of scripts...
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020
Ostler Romkema

After reading a lot of the reviews on this board, I thought this movie was going to be really bad however I found that this movie isn't really as terrible as some people have made it out to be. Jessica Alba plays Honey Danies, a hip-hop dance teacher hoping to make it as a choreographer, for someone who didn't have any previous dance experience, she sure does a fantastic job! Mekhi Pfifer is good in his supporting role as the barber with a lot of heart.

This movie is something that has been done many times before so you can't expect an oscar nominated screenplay etc etc. However, its something you can enjoy and if you are into the music or dancing, then this is definitely something for you

zu 6 / 10
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

In a poor neighborhood, the choreographer Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba) works in a record store during the day and as a bartender in a night-club in the night-shift, and teaches dance to teenagers of her community. She dreams to be successful as a video-clip dancer. When she meets the video director Michael Ellis (David Moscow), she believes that her dreams have come true. When Michael discloses his real intentions with her, she decides to struggle for making her dreams really come true.

I have just watched "Honey" because of the name of Jessica Alba in the cast. Fortunately I did not pay attention to the unfair and very underrated User Rating. "Honey" is indeed a delightful and enjoyable feel-good movie. Certainly it is not a masterpiece, and it will never be indicated for an Oscar, but it is not its intention. "Honey" is, first of all, a great homage to hip-hop, with the participation of many stars such as Tweet, Missy Elliot, Blaque, Jadakiss, Ginuwine among others, and awesome dance choreographs. The story has a good message that everybody must fight to make the dreams come true. The stunning Jessica Alba is wonderful in the role of Honey. The story may be corny for bitter viewers, with most of the characters being nice; horrible, for those who have prejudice against poor people or hip-hop; or great for a viewer that appreciate a great entertainment like me. The music score is fantastic, and the DVD released in Brazil by Universal is outstanding, full of wonderful extras. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Honey – No Ritmo dos Seus Sonhos" ("Honey – In the Rythim of Your Dreams")
Datum der Überprüfung 02/20/2020

I thought Honey wasn't that good!! Only because it was soooooo predictable! Due to the dancing i thought it was o.k!! Jessica Alba is a great actress as in 'Sin City' and 'Fantastic 4' i've never seen 'Sin City' but i have seen 'Fantastic 4' which is a great movie! Anyway back to Honey, Jessica Alba is great in this movie. I only seen it once and that was last week it was the first time i had ever seen the film! And i thought OMG (O my god!!) this film is sooooo predictable!! Sorry to any one who thinks it's fantastic!!!! I'd have to say the best part would have to be the ending!!! I love the song!!! And the dancing it superb!!! Thanks to the directer who made this film! The ending was great!!! And the choreography is amazing!!!
Datum der Überprüfung 02/21/2020
Keynes Pryanika

Jessica Alba is the star of the show; in this movie and in Hollywood since I don't know when. Her situation is something to detail about. Personally, I look at her and I think she has acted her whole life. Everyone talks about her everyday as if she had decades in the business, but she doesn't. I could say I believe she's done over ten films, when this movie was probably her fifth important role. She did a TV show I never saw for two years, but even before that, her name was on the poster of the movies she appeared in. She is a star by nature, a leading star; and "Honey" is the evidence that proves my statement.

When the film starts, Honey Daniels (Alba) is working at the bar in a disco serving the usual free drinks to her best friend Gina (Joy Briant): "One, please", the friend says, and two guys standing right by her get closer: "Make that three". Honey, with a big smile in her face, tells the guys: "Today is your lucky day", and then Gina interrupts: "Don't get to excited though; she'll not be here much longer…She's gonna make it". So the guys ask how she's gonna make it.

Right away we find out Honey dances; and that she dances awesomely well. If Alba did her own dance moves I don't know for sure, but it always looks like her; in the dance floor, in the videos, in the dance lessons. OK, the film: Honey has a great talent for dancing and she could be a classic ballerina but she prefers to teach hip-hop in a place her mother owns. She goes to auditions, she works hard, and she ultimately gets recognized.

But Alonzo Brown and Kim Watson's story is not about "making it"; it is about the good-hearted people who fight for what they want, don't sell and don't quit. I don't even know if this is a veridical portrait of the hip hop world, but the video shoots seem real and I guess the artists/directors relationships should be how the movie shows them. What I wanted to say is that in the music world, mostly with hip hop (which I consider the easiest market today), when people make it, it goes over their heads, and they leave everything behind.

Although not Honey Daniels; she'll not fall into temptation, and she'll be there for the ones she cares for. It may sound too formulaic, but it's beautiful. Debutant director at the time Bille Woodruff, with previous experience from musical videos, shows us the nice face of his characters' world. Everything is shiny, everyone's happy, everyone's smiling. Yeah, sure some bad things happen, but everything will be ultimately worked out.

Great casting work with the youngsters, especially with Zachary Williams as a little boy, Raymond, who needs someone to watch over him; and Lil' Romeo in a tremendous and talented performance as the teenager Benny, who debates himself about being a gangster or a normal child. This plus Missy Elliott's cameo and Mekhi Phifer in the most charming performance of his career, and the some of the best lines as: "You peoples? Playa, playa, how'd you swing that? I've been trying' to be her peoples for weeks; ain't had no luck".

Not enough? Alba looks gorgeously beautiful in every outfit she wears and her acting skills are way above the film's requirements…She's stunning now and it is only the beginning.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/21/2020

I've seen many less entertaining films than this. Replace Alba and the music a great display of a movie executed with zero ambition.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/22/2020
Arela Fauteux

This movie is wonderful, because it's great dancing on hip-hop music, but there is also A storyline that's perfect for this movie. The humor is great and the street culture is used for the storyline(it actually tells young girls and boys to get out of the thug life, because there are other things in this world then shooting someone because he disrespected you, i mean that's stupid). And Honey(Jessica Alba)has this really great strong personality, and there is one scene that's really great, that's when the director try's to seduce Honey to have sex, but when Honey says STOP IT, girls like Paris Hilton would think, ooh geezzz, i probably surrendered myself and let him screw me. This is A movie every (Beginning)celebirty must see, cause then they understand that Hollywood is SOMETIMES pretty corrupt.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/22/2020

I got a three pack on a DVD at Wal Mart for ten dollars a few weeks ago and Honey was on the cover, never saw the movie, wasn't really interested when it came out, but I figured why not see it for ten dollars? Sounds silly, but who knows? Sometimes you find little treasures here and there that are cheap, plus, I remember that this was the film that really introduced Jessica Alba to the movie business industry. Of course, she's really huge now, and judging from this film, Honey that I watched last night, I have to say other than her looks, I am surprised she made it this far. I don't mean to sound horrible on the film or anything, but this just seemed like a giant rap video for me and the plot was way too average and predictable with some cheesy street slang.

Honey Daniels has three jobs: a bartender, a sales girl at a CD store, and also a dance teacher at her mom's little business to keep kids off the street. But more than anything, Honey wants to be a music video back up dancer. Her wishes come true when a director, Michael, welcomes her to the dance floor and makes her a choreographer. All her dreams are coming true, until she realizes that she forgets the more important things in life that mean so much to her. She eventually wants to open a club of her own to help out the neighborhood kids.

Honey has the typical street slang which I didn't find attractive, you just can't take it seriously. Alba, she's such a pretty girl, BUT, I'm very sorry, the girl cannot act, I didn't feel an ounce of sympathy or compassion for her character, she played off as this naive little thing, when she could have played it more smart and strong. Not to mention what was the whole Missy Elliot dialog? "What is this? This? This? Ugh? Ugh?"... it was supposed to be funny, but Missy comes off flat. Mekhi should have had more screen time, the guy is the only one with talent in the film. The dance moves are good, but I just wish they wouldn't have made this into a giant rap video.

2 / 10
Datum der Überprüfung 02/23/2020
Virginia Kafel
This story about a girl, living in the ghetto, who tries to make a living through teaching dance classes, is a complete waste of your time.

The story is weak, and predictable. I also have the feeling it gives you an unrealistic vision about life in the ghetto, the moral coming out of the movie is something like "don't deal drugs, stick to following dancing classes and you'll be alright". Which is a load of crap, obviously. It also ends in an unrealistic happy end (of course, a good ending to an unrealistic movie). Jessica's beautiful smile can't make up for the lack of tension/story/depth in this movie.

I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone, unless you put the sound off and just enjoy watching the girl or something while listening to something more useful than the script.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/23/2020

If you wanna see a hot young beautiful girl shaking her bootie (and not in a vulgar way) go ahead and watch the movie!Jessica alba's character is way to innocent and a bit fake...I mean how can a girl like that , dressed like that could walk alone at night in a neighborhood like that...and what about Michael... how can that person could actually be successful...To me the only two things that are worth watching are the dancers ( a plus for Jessica alba) and the scenes with Missy Elliot!!But anyway it's really frustrating you have to write at least 10 lines...I'm running out of ideas...In conclusion go to the movie if you want because who knows...maybe you would like it.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/23/2020
It is deeply ironic that this movie chose to call itself 'Honey'the one food on the planet with no need of an expiration date as this mess quickly turns rancid . "Your flava is hot " being one of the unintentionally funny moments in Honey of which there are many .Spoken to a group of break dancers ?!!!! The cliches pile up one after another . The fact that this mess was written by the same buffoon who wrote 'Glitter' should be warning enough . Jessica Alba is on record as saying when she read the script she was unimpressed as it was just one big cliche .Well,what changed Jesse? It is still just one big cliche ripping off far better movies like Flash Dance , Karate Kid or even Rocky . Jessica is going to have to be far more careful in her choice of material if she plans on staying in Hollywood for longer than a coffee. Acting lessons would also seem appropriate . Honey 1 of 5 stars .
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Pros: - Jessica Alba is likeable

  • The Dancing is good and frequent

  • Missy Elliott, Tweet and other hip hop stars can be seen in cameo roles.

  • It never gets too slow or too boring

Cons: - The characters don't feel realistic in certain situations

  • ...that goes for the plot too. For example, peolpe seem to know a dance routine by looking at it once.

  • The plot is unoriginal, you know where "Honey" is heading.

Summary: "Honey" is a likeable film, but you have to enjoy listening to hip hop and watch people dance.
Datum der Überprüfung 02/23/2020
Meenen Palin

Honey was a film I hadn't heard much about. A few people had mentioned it if only as a passing Jessica Alba conversation. It took me some time to actually sit down and watch it but I was pleasantly surprised. I admit I am not a fan of hip hop music which was a big reason I hadn't bothered to see it.

Honey is the story of dancer and nighttime bartender Honey Daniels. She dreams of making it big in the world of dancing and she has the moves but hasn't been discovered yet. By chance she is noticed by big time music video director Michael Ellis who launches her career by putting her front and center in some of the biggest music videos in the industry. As her fame grows she loses touch with some of the things most important to her, her neighborhood, her best friend, the kids she used to teach dance too. She tries to juggle both but it becomes a challenge. Ellis introduces her into choreography and she begins to write the dance moves and further her fame. Finally she finds a balance when she realizes she might be able to help get some of her neighborhood kids off the street by putting them in music videos. Unfortunately she quickly discovers Michael Ellis never wanted her for anything more than sex and he fires her when she doesn't give it up and on top of that blacklists her in the industry so no one will work with her. She returns to her neighborhood where she discovers the drop in center where she taught dance has closed and now she desperately wants to open up a dance studio where the kids can dance and have fun safely off the streets. In order to raise the money to buy the space for the dancer center Honey organizes a huge dance show with the kids performing. With the help from her neighborhood and the kids she will succeed in all her dreams.

Any hip hop fan will appreciate this film from cameos alone. The film is chock full of musical cameos from Missy Elliot to Jadakiss. It's true that plot is a little thin in the film but quite frankly it was much more of a plot than I thought it would be. I had the film pegged as a Flashdance, Save The Last Dance type but it was less about the dancer and more about her love for the kids. It was actually rather uplifting and their final song of the film was very cool and made me smile. I've read some less than favorable reviews on this movie but for me it came as a surprise that it wasn't horrible. The cast is alright but they don't really hold up the movie as much as the story does. Jessica Alba is decent in the lead role, and Lil' Romeo does a great job in his role as Benny, the troubled kid from the streets. It doesn't have a lot of depth but if you enjoy hip hop and want something uplifting, it's worth seeing. 7/10
Datum der Überprüfung 02/23/2020
Credit `Honey' with at least having its heart in the right place – even if its brain isn't always so easy to find. The ever sunny and optimistic Honey Daniels holds down two jobs in her increasingly hectic life – a bartender by night and a hip hop dance instructor by day. She has hopes of one day appearing in a music video, a dream that comes true when she catches the eye of a big time producer named Michael Ellis. Not only is Honey a smash in her first video appearance, but Michael immediately hires her as choreographer for one of his projects. As is typical in these strive-and-succeed tales, Honey soon discovers that success is not all that it's cracked up to be when Michael reveals his true colors, setting up conditions for her continued employment that she hadn't quite counted on (in other words, `put out or pull out'). But the always-undaunted Honey is not about to be knocked down that easily. She uses this little setback to start thinking less about herself and more about the street kids whom she sees turning into drug dealers and gangsters right before her rose-colored eyes. Filled with a righteous zeal and determination, she rallies the neighborhood to raise money for a new dance studio that can get the youngsters off the street, channel their energies in a more positive direction, and turn their lives around.

Only the most Scrooge-like curmudgeon could object to the positive, laudatory, pull-yourself-up-by–the-bootstraps message the film is trying to convey, and one would have to be downright inhuman not to feel uplifted by the final dance sequence. But good intentions and noble aspirations do not, in and of themselves, make for a quality film, and `Honey' is a long way from fitting that bill. The movie wants to be taken seriously as a realistic view of urban life but very little of what we see ever rings true, starting with Honey herself who, with her invariably perky demeanor, seems like a cross between Little Mary Sunshine and Mother Teresa in form fitting jeans and matching halter top. Everything that happens to her – from her meteoric rise in the music video world to her purchase of an empty store for her new dance studio to the benefit performance she and her dancers stage to raise the money for the project – all come about way too easily and with virtually no noticeable effort on her part. We never believe for a moment that any of this would happen in this way in the real world. Thus, `Honey' is really little more than an urban fairy tale, fine for children, I suppose, but not of much use for adults with a more pragmatic understanding of how life actually works.

Jessica Alba is no great shakes as an actress, though she has an infectious smile and a bubbly demeanor that work well on screen. But it is Zachary Williams, as the adorable, gap-toothed eight-year-old Raymond, who steals the show. Now that is one hell of an endearing little kid.

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